Mood Ring

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An elegant accessory which Sophia Loren and Barbra Streisand fell in love with. Magical gemstone changes it's color tone according to the mood swings, this effect adds a nice, mysterious look to the wearer . Delicate design and sophisticated look makes this ring an exclusive adornment in any woman's jewelry box.  .  

The gemstone changes its color based on body temperature and this alteration is linked to mood swings. Based on that, here you can see the spectrum of emotions: 

  • Black - worried
  • Brown - scared
  • Yellow - nervous
  • Green - calm
  • Emerald - relaxed
  • Ocean blue - happy
  • Blue -  excited
  • Purple - romantic
Packed in a stylish black box. Available in three sizes.
Materials: zinc alloy, glass.
Avoid contact with water, ring might lose its properties.