Kinetic Sculpture "Slow down the time"

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Kinetic sculpture is an enchanting artwork which combines the simplicity of everyday life and modern technology. The slow motion effect which is usually created by computer graphics is possible to recreate in real life by using strobe light synchronized with vibration. The mesmerizing look of feathers moving in slow motion is a true joy to watch, while the ability to replace the feathers with any other objects creates unlimited possibilities for experimenting. Unique design of this artwork makes it an excellent addition to any interior. 

Dimensions: 23 x 4.5 x 28 cm
Color temperature: warm white
Power: 12 volts with EU plug (Global Voltage Compatible 100 - 240 V)
Power use: 2-4 W (depending on brightness)
Usage: indoor (the darker the better it works)
Loudness: virtually silent (depending on the object used)

Wooden frame with two starter feathers
Extra rubber bands for object mounting